We design information

It is seldom the lack of available data that keeps one from making informed decisions;
rather the issue is that data in its disconnected, bare form does not tell a meaningful story.
Even worse, we have often amassed a large quantity of information
but the quality of it is lacking — the information is simply not informative!
Our aim is to provide well thought out presentations, processes and tools to overcome
these challenges. This often means striking a delicate balance between simplicity and

How we design information

Clear presentation

Maybe the first thing that comes to mind is a person speaking in front of a large audience. In these situations, what do we most appreciate? Perhaps clear and effective communication? We bring that sense of effective communication to printed and digital material.

Managing knowledge

Information can always be stored in multiple ways, but in retrieving it data management processes becomes crucial. It's a question of choosing the right tool for the right job. We prefer Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MongoDB and Neo4j as the back-end, feeding the data to intuitive, user friendly tools.

Getting too technical?

Be it advanced applications, layouts or programming, we may be able to help. We have the tools for producing a range of material. We seldom concentrate on purely technical aspects, but rather combine it with well thought out front-end solutions.

What we can offer you

How we do things is every bit as important as what we do. We want to show you
how choices in implementation and how choosing the right tools can make the difference.

We love Umbraco

Umbraco is an open-source CMS and runs on a .NET platform. This allows seamless integration with other .NET based applications and being open-source, there are no licensing costs, CMS related surprise costs or the risk of stuck with low-level proprietary code hindering future migrations.

We implement ready-made packages too

This results in more frequent updates, faster results and quality beyond size. Thus, a lot of code that runs our solutions are not made by us — and we are not ashamed of it! On the contrary, this allows us to concentrate on helping you where we know best.

Mathematical tools steer you in the right direction

Simple sums and averages quickly become inadequate. We do regression analysis, data structure analysis and mathematical modelling such as Monte Carlo. Many of these can be implemented on-the-fly and instantly available to the end-user using a web service.

Microsoft Office is no stranger

Few are the data related tasks that cannot be accomplished with Excel and most of us have come to agree that Excel is a tool like no other. We bring aboard a deep understanding of the inner working of the Microsoft Office products and aim to take away the tedious parts with VBA and ADO.NET automation. We have also carried out Office 365 migrations successfully.

Analysis and information processing

We have an understanding of what the role of information is in the everyday business. We combine it with the knowledge of specialised fields, such as real estate and medical devices, to provide what is needed most. By working together to contextualise information, we are better able to manage the workflow and generate new knowledge using the optimal amount of effort.

Data processing and delivery

For the typical analyst, a lot of time is spent sifting through data and combining them from different sources before the actual work can commence. We argue that time could be spent more wisely and we are more than glad to offer our help. Data processing, collection and aggregation can be improved with scripts, readily available interfaces and by connecting databases using standardised connectors such as SQL, XML, WCF and SOAP.